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  • Halli Clack!

    From the same developers of Halli Galli
  • Halli Clack!

    Official license granted to Omnivision Studios by Shafir Games


Halli Clack! LogoHalli Clack!: The award winning game is now available in a 3D multi-user multi-touch fast action game for all ages!
The game received the “MAJOR FUN AWARD” 2014.

This fast paced quick reaction game will have you sitting at the edge of your seat! Once the dices are rolled all players must simultaneously grab the correct discs as quickly as possible. Touching a disk will magically lift it and glue it to your finger, then simply flick it to your corner to collect it. Be the fastest one to collect the most disks to WIN THE GAME!

Game Features

  • Incredible HD 3D graphics
  • Amazing feel – you won’t want to stop collecting those discs
  • Widescreen resolutions (16:9 – 16:10)
  • Multi-touch action
  • Local (offline), 2-4 players
  • Available in 20 languages

Media Quotes

“A game for Kids from 4 yrs onwards should also deliver fun for parents? Yes, Klack does! A game from Haim Shafir for the whole family.”
Freies Wort 26.01.2013

“Great game idea, easy rules (…) short diversion is the program.”
Ratgeberspiel.de, 17.03.2012

“Fun guarantee for everyone with the fast game, that has been recommended by the  jury “Spiel des Jahres.”
Mannheimer Morgen, Auflage: 65.438, 20.10.2012

Where to buy

Windows Store
Google Play